Advanced Novice Classes

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Enrollment in this class requires consent of the Trainer prior to registration in the class.

Pre-requisite information:

Enrollment priority will be given to students who are active WLAOTC club members.

Successful completion of at least 1 session of a WLAOTC Intermediate Novice Obedience Class or permission of the trainer.  Dogs must be solid on Novice Obedience Exercises; i.e. Heel, recall, sits and downs, figure-eight exercises and stand for exam.

Continuation of training for practical obedience and an introduction to the precision necessary for competition.

This class aims to improve or perfect performance in Novice exercises.  Students who do not plan to compete in Obedience are welcome.  This class is a pre-requisite for the Comp Prep classes.


Advanced Novice Obedience is a continuing class with priority for enrollment given to current class students. Enrollment for new students is offered on a non-regular basis if there is a space open. We are currently taking registrations in advance, however, you must have obtained prior consent of the Trainer to enroll.

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