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Enrollment in this class requires consent of the Trainer prior to registration in the class.

Pre-requisite information:

Enrollment priority will be given to students who are active WLAOTC club members.

Successful completion of a WLAOTC Advanced Novice Obedience Class or permission of the trainer is required.  Dogs must be solid in most Novice Obedience Exercises. 

It aims to improve or perfect performance in Novice exercises and develop the attention needed for competition.  Students who do not plan to compete in Obedience are welcome. 


Comp Prep is a continuing class with priority for enrollment given to current class students. Enrollment for new students occurs when the classes are not marked full. We will seek verification of trainer approval when you register.

As with all our classes, your place in a class is held based on receipt of the registration form and a check by the class registrar.

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Comp Prep Pregistration Form

Please fill out the online form below. This will put you on the waiting list to be notified about openings in this class. Your information will not be used for any purpose other than sending you information about the WLAOTC classes.

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* Enter the start date of the Novice class you are interested in. Class start dates can be found on the Obedience Class Page. Please double check that the class is not already marked "Full"
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