Rally Obedience Classes

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Pre-Requisite Information:

Must have completed at least one session of a WLAOTC Novice Obedience class or equivalent. Required skills: Familiar with heel, sit, down, stand, front, finish and figure 8 exercises.

All students must help with set-up and tear-down of the course each class.  Please make sure that you can either tie up your dog or bring a crate for your dog so that you can help.

Enrollment priority will be given to WLAOTC members, with the exception of students already enrolled in the class. 

Class Purpose:

Learn signs used on Rally Obedience Novice and Intermediate Courses.  All exercises will be performed on leash until student and trainer agree to go off-leash for the intermdiate level.

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Rally Obedience Class Signup - Online Form

Step 1: Please fill out the online form below. This form will tentatively reserve your spot in a class and put you on a list for any notifications about the class.  HOWEVER, your spot in the class will not be confirmed until your payment and registration form are received. Your information will not be used for any purpose other than sending you information about the WLAOTC classes.

STEP 2 - Mail Payment with Registration Form.
Please mail in the printed, completed form from the registration package with your payment. You will see a link to download the package after you submit this form. Your spot in the class can not be confirmed until the printed registration form and payment are received. 

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