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1) CGC/CGCA/Tricks Evaluations

This is a donation of time to provide testing for our local dog community. Costs and income are considered donations to our charitable work as defined in our mission statement. To participate, select test type to be signed up for one or more specific tests.

Please enter your name and the name of the dog(s) you are having tested..

Follow instructions from the PayPal application to select one or more options. If you "cancel" you will be returned to this page.

Test Type
Dog Name, Time (approx)

2) Holiday Dinner

a) Select member or guest to chose the amount you will be paying.

b) Enter names of all members/guests covered by this payment. .

c) Click on Add to Cart.You will be able to view the names on the next page by clicking on "more".

d) On the next page, adjust the quantity for number of people attending in each price category. If this is everyone you are paying for, click the PayPal Checkout or just checkout for using a credit or debit card. Follow PayPal Instructions.

e) If you wish to add an additional person (a guest for instance), click on "continue shopping" which will return you to the WLAOTC home page. Select PayPal and Special Events and the select the guest option and press add to cart and continue as above.

Your cart will contain what you have requested until you make a payment. You may click on View Cart to go directly there to check amounts and attendees.

Testing Options
Your name & dog's name
Special Instructions

After you complete or cancel your payment, you will be returned to this page. Click on WLAOTC Home to use the website, or close the tab in your browser. WLAOTC and its members thank you for participating in one of our special events..

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