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Frequently Asked Questions for WLAOTC Classes (Obedience, Rally, Conformation, Nose Work)

  I entered a class and paid but I have not heard from anyone confirming my place in class. May I come to the first day of class?

        -    No.  Please contact us at obedience@wlatoc.com if you have not heard from anyone! This can occur if you did not receive a confirmation email when you registered. Be sure you check your spam for the email. The various companies that support email sometimes reject email from our servers. That email also goes to the registrar so they know you have requested a class. If you didn't get it, they didn't either.

I tried to use the PayPal link on the home page to pay for my Puppy or Novice class. There is no link for it. How do I pay?

        -    The link for every class is in the registration process. After you enter your information and click continue at the bottom, it takes you to a page with final registration instructions. Because Puppy and Novice are beginning classes, there is no link in our "continuing students PayPal" page. You may email your registrar who will send you the link.. 

I didn't see the link for the student instructions/map when I registered. Where can I get a copy?

        -   Click the back arrow in your browser. The link above the FAQ link takes you to a page where you may download or print copies of the class instructions that you need.


The class that I am interested in is marked "FULL" on the website, can I still register for this class?

        -    No.  Once a class is marked Full it is closed for registration.  Please check for classes that are not marked full and have starting dates.  There is no formal waiting list for our Obedience Classes. 

The class I am interested in registering for has a start date of TBD, can I pre-register for the next upcoming session?

        -    No.  Please keep checking the website until a start date is posted. 

What is the size limit for group classes?

        -    Puppy (9 students), All other Obedience, Rally and Conformation classes (12 students). Nose Work (6 students)

I am interested in signing up for a Obedience, Rally, Conformation or Nose Work class with my dog.  What classes do you offer and what is the cost?

        -    Please click the back arrow in your browser to return to the "Classes" page and click on "Obedience" to find a full schedule of the classes for Obedience and Rally that we offer with prices. 

        -    Please click the back arrow in your browser to return to the "Classes" page and click on "Conformation" to find the schedule of the class and price. 

        -    Pleaseclick the back arrow in your browser to return to the "Classes" page and click on "Nose Work" to find a full schedule of the classes we offer with prices. 

I took a puppy or novice obedience class not from WLAOTC, can I enroll in in a WLAOTC class? 

        -    You may enroll in a WLAOTC class for the next level your dog is ready for.  Please check the website for class requirements and include what previous classes you have taken when registering.  i.e. If you previously took a puppy class, you may sign up for a Novice Obedience class.  If you have taken a Novice Obedience class you may sign up for a Intermediate Novice Class.  If you have questions about where to enroll your dog, please contact us at obedience@wlaotc.com.
I want to sign up for an advanced class in Obedience, Nose Work or Rally. How do I get approval of the trainer?

        -    Please register for the class. If you are a new student to WLAOTC,, the registrar will contact you about speaking with the trainer to get approval. They may ask for information about what you have done with your dog. When you answer the email will be forwarded to the trainer who will determine if you are ready for that class.

-   If you are a student currently in classes, move ups to higher levels are done when the trainer approves them. They notify the obedience coordinator and/or the registrar who passes your information on the the next registrar. You may not move up without this approval. Our advanced classes are designed to teach a series of behaviors that are needed to continue. Our Open/Utility class is intended for dogs who already have the skill set to compete at those levels.


I have two puppies/dogs, can I take a class with both of them?

        -    You must have a handler for each dog enrolled in class.  If you handle one puppy/dog, you must have a different person handle the second dog.

It is raining currently, or there is a chance of rain tonight.  Will classes be held?

        -    If there is a question as to whether classes will be cancelled due to weather please do not send an email or leave a message.  Please call and listen to the message on the club phone at (310) 851-6350.  If classes are cancelled the message will be changed to reflect the status of classes for that day or night.  For night classes please call after 3 pm and for Sunday morning classes please call after 7 am to check for a rain update. If the phone line is out of order, or if it is a last minute cancellation (after the check time) we will be calling (or emailing if there is time). The number we will use is the one you gave us when you registered. Be sure it takes messages!. 

 I recently rescued/adopted my dog and it is aggressive to other dogs.  Would a group class be right for me?

        -    Dogs with behavioral problems such as aggression, fearfulness or extreme shyness should not be enrolled in these group classes.  Such dogs and their owner/handler should seek private instruction with an animal behaviorist.

 My dog is not aggressive, but needs manners.  Is a Novice Obedience class right for me?

        -    Certain "adolescent" behaviors can be corrected in a group class situation.  If you are uncertain about your dog's behavior please contact us at obedience@wlaotc.com outlining the behavior problem you are experiencing and we will help you determine if your dog should be enrolled in our classes or not.  We do reserve the right to dismiss unsuitable dogs from our group classes.  However, some of our trainers do provide private instruction on their own time.  You may send an email to obedience@wlaotc.com and we will forward your information to one of our trainers.  There is no guarantee that they will be available for lessons and we cannot provide any information on cost.

 Can I make-up a missed class?

        -    No make-ups are allowed in any of our classes except Puppy. There will be no refund of class fees once the class has started. In Puppy, there are special circumstances for up to two classes that may be used as a credit for enrolling in Novice. Do speak with the trainer about the missed (or going to be missed class). Often they can give you exercises to practice with your dog for what was missed.

I've recently adopted/rescued a young or adult dog.  He is very smart and a quick learner.  He is house-broken and knows sit, stay, down, etc.  What class should I take?

        -    Even if your dog already knows basic commands, a Novice Obedience class would be a good choice to start your training with. Group classes offer a different environment for learning for your dog.  Basic obedience skills for handler and dogs are taught and would be beneficial in helping to build a lasting relationship with your dog. These classes are outside in an active environment with lots of distractions. Novice offers the chance for you to be sure your dog understands those commands no matter what is happening around the dog. Socialization skills are also much improved from this type of class..

I just got a puppy, he/she is 8 weeks old, can I take a puppy class?

        -    Your puppy needs to be at least 3 months old and have most of its shots in order to sign up for a puppy class.  This is for the safety and health of your puppy and other students in the class. At 3 months the puppy also begins to have ability to focus on learning for longer periods of time. Learning is more assured at this point..

Do you offer private training as I am not available for the class times you have listed on your website and/or I do not think my dog would be right for a group class?

        -    We do not offer private training through our club.  However, some of our trainers do provide private instruction on their own time.  You may send an email to obedience@wlaotc.com and we will forward your information to one of our trainers.  There is no guarantee that they will be available for lessons and we cannot provide any information on cost.

I've submitted my information on-line to register for a class, but I haven't filled out the waivers, paid by PayPal or check.  Am I guaranteed to have a spot in the class?

        -    No.  The on-line information you submit just informs the class registrar that you are interested in signing up for that class.  Your spot will be held tentatively until the waivers are entered online and payment is received.  However, if the class fills quickly and you do not commpleted these steps, your space will be given to the student whose payment and waiver are received/completed first.

I've done the waivers and used a check to pay, but the class does not start until a couple of months.  When will my check be cashed?

        -    Sometimes our classes fill in advance of the class start date.  Checks are deposited as soon as the class is begins. We will shred your check if you decide to drop out before it begins. 

I've used PayPal to send in the class fee, but I find I am unable to attend the class. How do I get a refund?

        -    If you have encountered issues with being able to take a class before it starts, notify the registrar. We can't shred a check for you, but we do refund the PayPal transaction in full. 

I've mailed in my check for a class but have not received a confirmation.  Am I enrolled in the class? 

        -    Typically, the registrar for the class will send a confirmation email that your payment has been received and your waivers are completed so you are enrolled in class. If you are enrolling several months ahead, be aware that the registrar works the classes in next date first order. It may be a month or more before you hear.  Please remember that our registrars are volunteers, many with full time jobs so they are working on this as quickly as possible. Conformation of being in a class will be mailed sometime during the week before it starts.
I am currently in a WLAOTC Obedience, Rally, Nose Work or Conformation Class and I've had to miss a few classes due to vacation, health issues, my dog being sick, etc.  Can I make-up a class in another class either this session or next?

We do not allow make-ups or pro-rated fees for any of our classes.  The only exception is for Puppy And Manners Class.  The rules for this class are included in the registration packet for the class.  There will be no refund of the class fee once the class has started.. 

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