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Nose Work Classes

You must be registered, have completed the online waiver found under Forms, and have paid in advance in order to participate in any class.  No day of class show ups are allowed unless arrangements have been made with the Obedience Director or Registrar in advance.

All classes are held at the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, on Motor Ave near Pico Blvd, in West Los Angeles.
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NOTE: Start dates are not guaranteed and may change due to weather and circumstances beyond our control.  If a start date must change, the new date will be posted here on the Club web site.  Please check the start dates for your classes before attending the first class.

Nose Work Classes

Introduction to K9 Nose Work

8:45 am - 9:45 am

October 11, 2023

Sue 6 weeks

Dogs will search exclusively for their Primary reward (i.e., either food or a toy) during this class, beginning with searching in boxes, but expanding to searching for hides outside of boxes.

No prior nose work experience is required.

Introduction to Odor

10 am - 11 am

October 11, 2023

Registering for this class will put you on a wait list.


6 weeks$150

Successful completion of one or more Intro to Nose Work classes, and, permission of the trainer.

This class will continue where the Intro to K9 Nose Work class left off, beginning with Primary only, but at some point transitioning to imprinting the dogs on odor by use of "pairing" (i.e. placing the dog's primary reward next to the target odor so the dog can self-reward).

Continuing Nose Work

11:15 am - 12:15 am

October 11, 2023


6 weeks$150

Permission of the trainer is required for this class.

Intended for dogs that have been introduced to all target odors and that are capable of searching for them with or without pairing. Exercises will be adapted as needed to address varying levels of experience. All dogs should be capable of entering an ORT (Odor Recognition Test) and being successful (if the handler is interested in competing).


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