West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club

West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club

Our Training Classes

Our agility program provides not only training for handlers and their dogs, but also opportunities to socialize with other dog enthusiasts in a club-like atmosphere.

Learn the basics of the conformation ring as well as the skills needed to be competitive at dog shows. Students will learn how to show their dogs and practice in a show-like environment.

Learn how to build trust and train your dog and see how your relationship with your dog improves. WLAOTC offers a variety of obedience classes from puppy classes, beginners all the way to rally obedience and competition training.

Nose Work classes are designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities, similar to the work of detection dogs!   By having fun searches and scent activities, your dog will be able to build confidence, burn lots of mental and physical energy, and enjoy working with their handler.  This is a safe activity as well as a sport for your dog.  It’s for all breeds and ages!

In our tricks class dogs will work to learn at least 10 tricks from the AKC Novice Trick Dog list. Every dog learns at their own pace.